Here at Trailnuggets we want to spread the word of what our bars are all about, who likes them, and what they fuel. We can’t do that all by ourselves so we asked for a little help from our friends. We’ve selected fifteen awesome people to help represent us to the world. Our ambassadors come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, passions, and pursuits. Some are hard core athletes out living the dream at full speed and some are hard core normal people who are balancing life while striving for adventure along the way. Check out their stories below, and give them a follow to keep up with their lives, travels, and endeavors.

Grant Matthews

Ultra distance MTB and Family

How does someone who likes chicken wings, burgers, and ice cream connect with Trailnuggets? Holding down a job, being a husband and father of 2, AND racing ultra distance mountain bike races has helped him develop a furnace that will incinerate anything he can eat. (more…)

Galen Stilgebauer

Cycling and Photography
Galen is a cyclist, hiker, snowboarder, photographer, and entrepreneur living in the sate of Colorado. Two wheeled pursuits take him all over the great state and beyond, and he shares the ride through his amazing photography as he goes. (more…)

Conrad Rodas

High level Triathlon

Ironman distance triathlon is no joke. Mastering three sports takes incredible focus and discipline. Many people give the sport a try, but few persist to compete at a high level like Conrad Rodas of Longmont, CO does. Conrad specializes in half and full Ironman distances, which he competes in worldwide, and tosses in some sprints and Olympics as “training” as he puts it. Some people’s training is another person’s bucket list!