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Lemon Almond Hot Date. 1 dozen bars.

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Lemon Hot Date was the very first Trailnugget flavor we mixed up. We wanted a bar with a signature zest, so we started with our date base, added some almonds to get the texture just right, and finally added JUST enough lemon peel and lemon oil to surprise your taste buds on your first bite. Our bar is naturally sweet, chewy, and delicious. But wait… “only four ingredients” you say? That’s correct! Dates, Almonds, Lemon Peel, Lemon oil. Now that’s a bar that you can eat with some peace of mind that it hasn’t been meddled with. At 210 calories at the 60g size, we’ve packed it with enough energy to get you up that hill, down that road, or through the day.


Ingredients: Date Paste, Almond butter, lemon peel, lemon oil.

Allergens: Tree nut (almond)

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