Conrad Rodas

Conrad Rodas

High level Triathlon

Ironman distance triathlon is no joke. Mastering three sports takes incredible focus and discipline. Many people give the sport a try, but few persist to compete at a high level like Conrad Rodas of Longmont, CO does. Conrad specializes in half and full Ironman distances, which he competes in worldwide, and tosses in some sprints and Olympics as “training” as he puts it. Some people’s training is another person’s bucket list!

Conrad says he is a picky eater by trade, and anything that doesn’t have excellent flavor is a non starter for him. If that is the case, then we are thrilled that Trailnuggets made his cut! It also helps that our bars are small and calorie dense which makes them ideal out on the race course or when training.

At the end of the day, like many of our fans, Conrad appreciates that Trialnuggets are real food. We promise to keep them that way.

You can find Conrad online at the links below: