Trailnuggets History


Trailnuggets are vegan, gluten free, kosher, non-gmo and made with real ingredients that everyone is familiar with.

One of the founders of Trailnuggets, Stephen Fitzgerald is a big cyclist and runs a cycling company called Rodeo Adventure Labs. Rodeo Labs is a group of cyclists who like to go out on crazy adventures and test the boundaries.

While riding, they realized that they were having a hard time finding food that settled well in their stomachs and easy to eat in extreme temperatures. Stephen teamed up with his brother, Zac Fitzgerald, the owner of Bake Works in Vancouver, WA, to create Trail Nuggets GO with the hopes that endurance athletes could consume healthy, nutritious, and delicious food during their activities.

Recently, Trailnuggets released a protein version of our bars called Trailnuggets PRO and they have been selling exclusively in Trader Joe’s. We realized that it wasn’t just cyclists that wanted to eat healthy and nutritious food when they were on the go. Trailnuggets are for anyone who needs a quick snack. Trailnuggets PRO are very similar to our original bars with the addition of protein to them to make them an even more nutritious snack that contain 10g of protein per bar.